In his hometown of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Joshua DePerry is known in the Anishinaabe community as a colourful ‘fancy dancer’ who impressively integrates contemporary dance moves at traditional pow wows. In Toronto, he is known as Classic Roots, an up-and-coming music producer and DJ who blends Indigenous sounds with modern techno and house music.

His vibrant and optimistic personality is invigorating, and is particularly effective in First Nations communities, where he often works to encourage creativity and a greater sense of self-confidence in the youth.

While he is deeply rooted in his identity and his community, he is ready to soar to new heights as an artist. He dreams of taking off to Berlin, the techno capital of the world, and prepares to take his career as an educator and entertainer to the next level.

TURNING TABLES is an uplifting story of resilience, passion and faith, and ultimately a positive reminder that it is possible to look to the future without losing sight of the past.